El Quattro

Cathie Travers (accordion)
Paul Wright (violin)
Graeme Gilling (piano)
Phil Waldron (bass)

It's voluptuous, has the virtuosic precision and finesse of the finest romantic chamber music, and the explosive energy of a wild jazz soloist. Tango inhabits many cultures and eras with melodies which caress the soul, a rhythmic drive and dynamic intensity which echo the various shades of human existence...it takes you to places in your imagination from which you will never wish to return.

EL QUATTRO will lead you into the heart and soul of Argentinean tango, with music by such early masters as Pugliese, Salgan and Melo; the visceral sound-world of undisputed Nuevo-Tango master Astor Piazzolla; exploring 21st century Tango-Electronica; and new tango by the widely acclaimed Piazzolla interpreter French accordionist Richard Galliano.

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