Cathie Travers, Pete Jeavons and Paul Tanner are Leonardo;
a piano accordion, double bass and vibraphone trio with a love of tango, French cafe music, samba and jazz.

Classically trained, they infuse this infectious music
with elegance and virtuosity.

Playing original tunes, latin-jazz, tango, latin-american, african... Leonardo's music ranges through beautiful melodies, virtuosic improvisation and chunky bass lines!

A passionate interest in music from Latin-America and Africa brought together accordionist Cathie Travers
and percussionist Paul Tanner. The duo has now composed much new repertoire; since premiering as a duo
performance-team in a live broadcast for ABCFM in October 2004 they have expanded to three musicians.
LEONARDO is a brand new group with a long history and a tapestry of inter-connections . . .

Travers and Tanner have been performing together as members of the new-music group Pi since mid-2003.

Leonardo is sometimes joined by the multi-talented wind player, Matthew Styles who adds his own magic on flute and a range of saxophones.

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