Musica del Mondo

An eclectic trio with Russell Johnsen (hurdy gurdy, violin oud and percussion), Mark Bozikovich (piano accordion) and Alex Millier (clarinet and bass clarinet).

Come and tour the world with us as we seamlessly cross cultural boundaries, performing folk tunes from various parts of Europe and the Middle East.

The result is an atmosphere of sheer joy, whether performing at outdoor markets, the concert hall after a show or for your private function.

Able to roam venues freely with our portable folk instruments, we impart a real Gypsy flavour to any event!

Musica del Mondo have a fortnightly residency at the Mondo Mini Markets, behind Mondo Butchers, on the corner 6th Ave and Beaufort Street Inglewood.

The markets are now open again after the winter recess, so come down and join them for a coffee! Market opening hours are Saturdays 8 til 12.30. The bands play from 10. fascinating (and serendipitous) it was to come across this ensemble and to listen to the sort of music - unsophisticated, earthy, atavistic and powerfully communicative - that composers such as Bartok diligently collected from remote villages to conserve for posterity before it disappeared altogether. There was also some klezmer music with Philip Everall, engagingly sporting a trilby (as did accordionist Mark Bozikovich) coming close to the heart of a genre that, like the tango, is enjoying a remarkable worldwide renaissance.

Musica del Mondo consists of five players who are not only gifted but versatile. Russell Johnson, for instance, is as articulate on the hurdy gurdy as the violin (I understand he also plays percussion and the Arabic string instrument known as the oud.). And between them, Millier and Everall play a variety of clarinets ranging from the peeping sopranino to the gruffly burping, low-register contrabass clarinet. Bozikovich certainly knows his way around the accordion as does Phil Waldron on double bass


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