Melanie Robinson

Melanie Robinson is a cellist-singer-songwriter, currently living and working in Fremantle, Western Australia. She is soloist as well as member of such outfits as Mr. Sister, Mukti and SQUINT, to name only a few, and she collaborates with artists from across the fields of dance, video, theatre, visual arts and creative technology to create a unique approach to her music.

Born in Berlin and raised in Munich, Australian-American Mel Robinson now considers herself an ĎAustralianí artist, her style uniquely coloured by the red dirt of this country, as well as her slightly unusual background: The first child of musicologist/environmental and human right activist parents, her early memories oscillate between chanting anti-nuclear hymns and listening to theories on why Wagnerís Rheingold was really an environmental treatise. From a love of Bartok (his works for the junior recorder player should not be sneezed at) and Wagner (there is nothing like a Barbie doll named Bruennhilde) to a fixation with the towering musical genius of Marie from Roxette, Melís musical adventures have explored numerous styles from all over the globe.

At age seven, it was not a question of whether to play an instrument, it was just a question of what that instrument would be ... after hearing the sound of a cello on a few occasions, the cello was an easy choice ...

Mel studied performance (and composition) at the WA Academy of Performing Arts and the University of WA, all the while realizing she would never quite fit the trodden path. Winner of the Pauline Steele Prize for Solo Cello Performance in 2002, the Best Female Instrumentalist Award in the WA Music Industry Awards in both 2001 and 2002, and recipient of the 2003 ArtsWA Young Artistís Creative Fellowship, it was and continues to be, a long search for her own style in her creations. Fascinated by the beauty and power of language, she soon realized it was in song and a dedication to musical and lyric honesty, that she would find her own voice. As such, her songs transcend a musical style creating an extraordinary journey of word and sound.

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