Shigeru Komatsu

Four gifted musicians - Shigeru Komatsu, Fotis Skordas, Rod McGrath and Jon Tooby - all members of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, form I Cellisti. The incredible feature about I Cellisti is that they are all full-time musicians who retain their commitment and passion to form Australia's only cello quartet. I cellisti have performed together since 1994 and have crafted the rich and magical sounds of cello into a powerful repertoire of precision and radiance. For classical music lovers and for lovers of creativity, this music is unique - because there are so few cello quartets world wide, compositions are limited and arrangements need to be made by the group. The sound of a rare cello quartet and the natural intimacy of each performance presents a unique experience for the ear, mind and body. The cello is a physical instrument through its sheer size, closeness to the performer and tonal presence. These qualities are unique to this group. After 100 performances, I Cellisti have risen to be acknowledged for their originality and incomparable innovation. Their CD, "Celli Beans" is available through Jody Harrison Management.

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