Little Kansas City Fats

Little Kansas City Fats grew up on the family chicken farm, not far from Kansas City . But while his labour belonged to the chooks, his soul belonged to the music from the radio, mixing the late days of swing and the early days of rock with rhythm and blues and country and western. On Sundays hed go to his Aunt's house where she would give her piano some old time religion, some ragtime, and some stride.

He started his first band when he was 13, and in a few years was playing the latest Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Elvis tunes at sock hops in gyms all over the Midwest. However, the promise of a brilliant blues/rock career was cut tragically short when he succumbed to the lure of convenient hours and regular income. For many years he was spaced out in a suburbia-induced haze, stumbling between home and office, staggering from one responsible position to the next. It nearly destroyed his soul, while keeping his fingers intact. Yet inside, there were riffs, hot licks, thumping bass lines, just brewing and stewing. His musical fire was simmering the entire time.

A recent spell back in Kansas, staying just a few doors along from a smoky bar and grill with an old piano was just the medicine to stir him up. Or maybe it was a classy restaurant with a grand piano, but either way, a few sessions there fanned the old embers into a mellow musical fire.

Those old tunes have matured and grown some new grooves and some new perspectives.

Little Kansas City Fats plays the boogie, the blues, the early rock and roll tunes, in spite of being totally unsuited. He's not big, he's not mean, he's not ugly, and he wasn't born on the wrong side of town in disadvantaged circumstances to ethnic-minority parents.

When Little Kansas City Fats goes upbeat, yuppies jive and children dance. When he plays the slow blues, grown men weep.

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