Russell Johnsen

Eclectic may best describe the music of Russell Johnsen. His first instrument was violin, but not satisfied with just playing, he undertook training in violin and bow making as well. He later acquired a vielle a`roué or "hurdy gurdy", an unusual member of the bowed stringed instrument family. Early pictorial evidence of this instrument dates to the eleventh or twelfth centuries and it has survived in French and Hungarian musical cultures in particular. He also makes and plays the rebec, one of the ancient precursors of the violin, which itself evolved from the Moroccan “rabab”. In addition he plays the oud, a fretless Arabic lute. His repertoire has evolved around these instruments and covers mediaeval, renaissance and traditional music derived from European cultures with some inspiration from music of the Middle East. Early influences included Irish and French but horizons encompass village and café music spanning most of Europe.

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