Mat Jodrell

With the release of his new album "Blues in the Night", Mat Jodrell still continues to impress and amaze the world's greatest jazz musicians with his natural ease in performance and unique style of playing.

For his tender years, Mat has achieved a great deal in the industry. He performed at Carnegie Hall at the age of 16 alongside James Williams, Terri-Lyn Carrington and Carlos Henriques, won the James Morrison scholarship, the Young Australian of the Year for WA, the Clifford Brown/Stan Getz fellowship, the Bob Wyllie scholarship, and many other accolades. Over the years, Mat has performed with some of the world’s greatest musicians, including Bill Watrous, Frank Foster, Josh Roseman, Jason Marsalis, Don Burrows and Bernie McGann. He has toured extensively around the globe and is currently a member of James Morrison’s 'On The Edge' project, which is touring Europe again in April.

James Morrison says of Mat's

"Perhaps the most difficult thing for a jazz musician is finding his or her own ‘voice’. One inevitably begins with inspiration from players that have gone before and absorbs influences from both jazz legends and colleagues alike. The task that seems to differentiate the ‘good’ jazz practitioner from the ‘greats’ of jazz is whether this all leads to a unique sound, that while acknowledging tradition, is a distinct creation of one’s own. If this happy event is to take place, it is usually not evident before many years of exploration and soul searching.

The first time I heard Matt Jodrell play as a very young man, I was struck by two things; his seemingly effortless and unconstrained crossing between styles and his stark originality. Here was a young player that could authentically re-create the ethos of early traditional jazz while still sounding fresh, in the next breath he would tip his hat to post-modern cool and was completely at home with fusion of any sort. Far from making for a clever but directionless wanderer, this all somehow had a cohesion that I can only attribute to Matt’s innate musicality and passion for all that he plays.

The collection of songs you are holding would be impossible to categorise under normal circumstances, the material is diverse and the treatments are likewise. I’m happy to say that any music made by this young trumpeter is far from a ‘normal’ circumstance – perhaps the category in which one can place this recording is simply… Jodrell."

James Morrison
February 2006

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