John Bannister

John Bannister has performed in numerous bands in Western Australia since 1987 primarily as a trumpet player, but is also well know for his vocal work both as a harmony and lead singer. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia, performing in numerous musical outfits and has performed internationally in Indonesia, England and Paris.
Since winning the 1995 Western Australian Music Industry Awards in the Jazz/Blues category with his song The Look in Your Eyes, John Bannister has been concentrating on his singing, while continuing his ongoing interest in the trumpet. Maintaining a wide and varied interest in many different styles of music, including Jazz, Blues, Latin, African and Hawaiian, John Bannister is currently performing Jazz, Swing and Blues with small groups of musicians as singer and trumpet player, drawing on these different styles.

John has been involved in the formation and the management of popular local bands such as Los Locos and The Hep Set. He has performed cabaret with Weber Brothers’ Circus, throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory as trumpet player and clown between 1994 – 96. John has also busked throughout Australia and Europe. In Europe he has played in numerous venues including Smolensky's on the Strand in London and Le Sherwood Piano Bar in Paris in 2003 and 2004. He performed in England in 2007 with well known English pianist Larry Berkovitz, with concerts at the Sportsman’s Arms, The Cramphorn Theatre and Pizza Express in Chelmsford, Essex. He has been seen playing trumpet on stage with a number of touring acts from Perth and elsewhere, including Painters and Dockers, Letterstick - from Arnhem Land, Full Fathom Five, The Zydecats and Soukous Kembele - from Senegal. His trumpet playing is featured on the Rhibosome CD of 2002, Shangara Jive CD of 2004, David Hyams [Knowing the Place] CD of 2005, King Wasabi recordings and Victorian band Flywheel CD from 2005. John performed in Melbourne and Sydney in 2006 for Flywheel’s ‘What to look for in Summer’ CD launch... He records regularly with the Brothers and released his own debut CD of original songs in 2005 entitled Belleville, the CD features The Look in Your Eyes. John has also performed trumpet extensively with local DJs around Perth since 1993.

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